About Instacar.co.za

(Insta)Instant.  The instacar.co.za digital platform was created for all South Africans, a platform where users can instantly access a large amount of new and used vehicle listings and all the latest local motoring news.

Hello we’re Instacar.co.za.  Founded by a team of innovative and diverse people who shared the same vision of providing a platform which was easily accessible for all South Africans. The Instacar team is committed in offering the most convenient experience to users whether they are buyers or sellers. The digital age is constantly progressing and as a team this exciting as we believe our business is geared towards adding value and convenience in this digital age to all users.

Innovation is welcomed with open arms. We are constantly pushing to create new and exciting ways to improve our platform and give users an exceptional experience.

Teamwork is crucial to the success as company. We encourage, respect and clap for each others victories!

We absolutely love cars, bakkies, boats, bikes….. you get where this is going.

Our passion for cars, innovation, our partners, dealers, users and South Africa is second to none! Our passion is the drive behind our determination and inspiration to be a brand that offers excellent solutions and experiences to clients and users.

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