New F-Pace SVR, last of its kind
New F-Pace SVR, last of its kind

New F-Pace SVR, last of its kind

The SVR might be the last combustion performance SUV from Jaguar

Performance increase

SVR symbolizes a special vehicle with high performance, the new F-Pace retains its 5.0-Litre supercharged V8 with 405kW and 700Nm, a slight increase of 20Nm from its predecessor.

This increase in torque and a new dynamic launch function results in the SVR reaching 0-100km/h in 4 seconds flat which is three-tenths faster than its predecessor and a higher top speed of 286km/h

The improved design is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to lower drag and improve the aerodynamics and cooling of the SVR, which has 35 percent less aerodynamic lift than its predecessor.

There is also a brake performance upgrade, the two piece disc brakes are now supported by a new integrated power booster, along with the re-calibration of the system delivers a sportier and short brake pedal. The improved aerodynamics and cooling of the brakes increase the performance of this beast even more.



Redesigned interior

In the interior you will find that there has been an major update to the design and trim using a variety of materials to enhance the character and feel. There is a brand new split steering wheel with zinc alloy-paddle shifters for heightened driver engagement for manual shifts, 12.3-inch digital dashboard, new Pivi Pro infotainment system and Jaguar’s new drive selector which is finished with dimple leather and a embossed SVR logo.

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The last of its kind

Jaguar has announced that from 2025 its line up of vehicles will be purely electric. This most likely means that the new F-Pace SVR is the last of its kind.

This vehicle comes with the standard 5-year/100000km Jaguar care plan and warranty.

Pricing starts at R1,835,700

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