Mercedes-Benz announces five full battery electric vehicles for South Africa in 2022
Mercedes-Benz announces five full battery electric vehicles for South Africa in 2022

Mercedes-Benz announces five full battery electric vehicles for South Africa in 2022

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Through the introduction and inauguration of Mercedes-EQ to the South African market – the all-electric world of Mercedes-Benz and the brand which represents all electric powered vehicles, Mercedes-Benz provided further proof that the age of electric mobility has arrived.


Five new models from the global Mercedes-EQ range will launched during the course of 2022 in South Africa as part of a clear strategic push to position the brand as a global and local leader in the electric vehicle market


The new Mercedes-EQ range

Selvin Govender, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated that the “Mercedes-EQ range will provide benchmark performance for South African’s in the EV space. The EQ-design language of “sensual purity” combined with “progressive luxury” is highlighted by the specific exterior and interior design elements, and are completed by an EV-service ecosystem”.

Govender added that the Mercedes-EQ Vision EQXX concept car revealed in January 2022 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas demonstrated just how far ahead Mercedes-Benz was in the EV space. With an energy efficiency of 95% (which means that 95% of the battery energy will reach the wheels of the EQXX), and an aerodynamic drag coefficient factor of 0, 17 (Cd), the EQXX could achieve over 1,000 km range on a single battery charge.

Govender noted that the “EQS production model was already capable of delivering a benchmark electric drive range of 782 km (WLTP) on a single battery charge, and currently held the record as being the most aerodynamic production car in the world (Cd 0.2)”


EQA: all-electric dynamic sports SUV

The EQA is a dynamic, all-electric sport SUV. A close relation of the GLA, it delivers all the characteristics of that vehicle, combined with an efficient electric powertrain. The EQA 250 derivative will be available for the South African market, with a power output of 140KW, a range of up to 412km (WLTP) and a combined electrical consumption of 17.7kWh/100km.


The EQB: all-electric family size SUV

The EQC was the first car to be produced by Mercedes-Benz in the line of the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz EQ family with a battery electric drivetrain. It marked the start of the transfer of Mercedes-Benz towards future electric mobility. This all-wheel drive model offers a power output of 300KW, a range of up to 437 km*(WLTP) and a combined electrical consumption of 21.3kWh/100km


The EQE: all-electric business sedan

The new EQE offers all the essential functions of the range topping EQS in a slightly more compact format. The EQE’s interior dimensions even exceed those of today’s E-Class, carrying the concept of the business sedan into the future.


The EQS: all-electric luxury sedan

The first all-electric premium sedan from Mercedes-EQ, the EQS redefines the luxury vehicle segment. The innovative and holistic design is based on a new vehicle architecture which fuses technology, design, functionality and connectivity, delighting both drivers and passengers. With ranges up to 780 kilometres and an output of up to 385 kW. The first models to come onto the market are the 245kW EQS 450+, with combined electrical consumption of 18.9-16.2 kWh/100 km.


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